Embracing new challenges can help you age better.

On Saturday I celebrated my 29th birthday? Why I celebrated my 29th birthday with a big bash? Because everyone makes a big deal of turning 30 and so I decided I want to make a big deal out of 29.

I want to start now, I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life that my emotions and my depression control me as a person, on the other hand I want to have a positive opinion on my body and I can only do that with weight-loss. I am heavily overweight and I want to stop this now. I want to be able to enjoy my life without questioning my every move.

For me the weight-loss, the battle with my depression and sharing a positive lifestyle with the world come together in this blog. I don’t want to put limits on this blog or myself, just like I’ve decided to screw the big 3 – 0 and just celebrate the 2 – 9.

A new challenge is what I needed, is what i really care about, what i need to understand myself better.



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