I wanna shout it from the rooftop

After the horrible incidents at the Ariana Grande Show in Manchester it was really something else to go and watch Little Mix not even a week afterwards. Not only because the demography is somewhat similar, but as well the fright for terror is sitting in people’s heads even if they don’t want fear to let them overtake.

The atmosphere in the arena before the show was like at every concert I’ve been to before. We for this show choose to sat down in a front row of the back bleachers so we had a great view to the stage and into the audience.

The audience was such a powerful mixture of young adults that had a blast while The Vamps were on stage. When Little Mix opened their show with the upbeat song “Power”, it was pretty hard not to let emotions overwhelm myself. Hearing everyone scream and chant and enjoying their idols on stage had my chest tight.

Throughout the show there was a group of three little girls right hand side from us who were not older than ten. They were dancing and chanting, holding each others hands and running in circles. They had the time of their lives. I cried a little. I had flashbacks to what happened at the Ariana Grande concert. After the concert ended and Little Mix went off stage the arena was filled with a very weird feeling, which seconds afterwards ended in lively chatting and smiling faces and talking about this amazing show. Not in fear which you could have imagined. It was a blessing to see.

I cried because of Secret Love Song, especially seeing there were rainbow flags in the crowd. This is so close to my heart and them dedicating it to the community makes me tear up every time. I remember my first Little Mix show when I raised my rainbow flag and afterwards I received messages about it on tumblr and one girl messaged me that she was too scared, because she once got hate. And that is shit, because concerts should be happy places, safe places. A place were we can watch our idols, our inspirations.

What we all should take away from those horrible things is that we should not be scared, we should enjoy this, stand strong. Let our emotions be there, but let our strength, empowerment and joy lead us. Don’t let anger and fear control us.

After this emotionally loaded post I wanna show you two of my videos.

Shoutout to my Ex (+Introduction)




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