Trying new things can make you more creative.

For years I’ve been wanting to share my life with the people around me. I’ve started to set up blogs and I’ve started to record YouTube videos. Every time though I was to scared to click on that publish button. I am taking my own advice in the blog title and start to live my life outside of my comfort zone. 

I have a lot of ideas and stories, progresses to share with you. I will show you posts from my weight loss challenge and me trying new things. I love product testing and make up tutorials, I love writing and photography. I love listening to people and giving advice. I am a frequent concert goer, because I love music. Music speaks to me and continues speaking when i am at loose for words.

Excited to have you on this blog.


Please leave your comments and ask me questions. I am going to take them into consideration and will try to involve them into my blog posts in a timely manner. 


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