I’m surprised how many people are into vinyl.

Just like me. I used to grow up with vinyl. Most of my childhood stories were on vinyl. I used to be read to sleep by popular German authors who told me stories about kangaroos and string puppets. I loved them, but how relieved was I  when i got my first cassettes and with them my first cassette player.

From that point we all grew up. Cassette to CD’s. Cd’s to mp3s. And today? Today most of us directly stream their music on an app like spotify. Don’t get me wrong. I love spotify. I could not survive my way to work without spotify. The playlists, the Daily Mix, Discovering new music and enjoying my music. What a neat way to have your music on your phone. And in my case – connected with my car.

But somehow I felt the need to have something in my hands as well. That was the time I started to order myself cd’s again. I needed to have the copy in my hands and not just downloaded on itunes, or streaming.

In the beginning of this year all started with an incredible urge to get back into vinyl. To buy vinyls and as well head to flea markets to get my hands on some goodies. So for my birthday my husband gave me turntables. They don’t look the same as they used to. I mean the basics are there they just do look a tad more modern than they used to. And a lot of my friends brought over various vinyls. My grandmother got me the new Harry Styles on vinyl and trust me on that – listening to Two Ghosts on Vinyl is something else.

From Jack Johnson, James Bay, to Florence and the Machine to Years and Years – i am delighted by the sound of my turntables and the nostalgic feeling i get when i turn on my turn tables. I am heading for a flea market on Sunday. I want to see if I can get my hands on a vinyl. Maybe one day i will find one of my childhood vinyls. That would be sick and i am going to keep an close eye.

Isn’t it interesting how our lives seem to go back in some things?

Are you into vinyl? Please tell me.



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